KIND WORDS from our clients

"The moments captured on our special day were truly spectacular! In admittedly our least favorite weather, Jess and Lyle were able to masterfully chronicle the event from every angle and in vivid detail. Ava and I both agreed that having two photographers yielded the best possible result. Their attention to our interests leading up to the day gave us great confidence. We've repeatedly been through the album with the impossible task of choosing favorites. In addition to their talents we're lucky enough to create a relationship with an incredible pair of individuals. We'll never be able to thank Fidelio Photography enough for the amazing experience.”


"I'm an artist, so the photography for our wedding was SO important to me. As soon as I saw Fidelio's website I was so blown away by how creative and unique each photo was. No two weddings looked the same and each candid moment was captured so beautifully. The wedding day goes by so fast and the photos are the only thing that lasts forever. Jess and Lyle did an absolutely perfect job preserving our day. Looking back at our photos takes me right back to our wedding day. We cannot thank you two enough!”



"These pictures are so incredibly beautiful! You and Lyle have given us such a special way to relive these moments! I am struggling to find the right words to actually explain how my heart feels going through them. I don't think the words actually exist! It is so fun to be able to go through them together--we see something new in each shot every time! We couldn't be more thankful that you and Lyle were able to capture these moments so beautifully. It's absolutely incredible!”

— LIZ & BRIAN, JULY 2016


"Fidelio Photography provided us with images that immediately conjure up all of the memories, moments and feelings that comprised our wedding day. It was amazing to get our photos back and feel like we were right back in the moment! So many photos captured the love and magic that made our day unforgettable as well the reactions of family and friends and even elements of the day that we may have missed. Wedding photography is the one thing I would advise couples to choose wisely. You are trusting one of the most important days of your life with strangers, and if you're lucky like we were, they become close friends of yours that invest in your day and your memories as if they were their own.”


“I am speechless and moved to tears by these photos. They are stunning and I am probably going to have to chill with how many I order. Thank you guys again. You are both extremely talented at what you do and we are the lucky ones!”

— Liz & joe, December 2016

“I found Jessica and Lyle by chance for our small Portland elopement. I am so glad we did. They were AMAZING to work with, so nice and we felt comfortable to be us. I am floored at how we look in the photos. I am so happy with the initial preview photos we have received and cannot wait to get the rest!"


“There are no words, PJ and I are literally speechless. ALL of the photos are AH-MAZING! We have never seen a wedding
album like this before, especially the family photos, it is so unique. You guys are tremendously talented and we can't thank you enough for all the hard work and hours you put into this.”



"I was blown away the minute I saw Fidelio Photography's website. I felt like I knew these couples and I could feel the energy of their wedding day simply by looking at their pictures. As soon as I spoke with Jessica on the phone my decision was made. On top of being sweet, friendly and totally easy to work with, we both had the same style and vision of the way we wanted these memories captured. I was focused more on candid, natural shots along with some really unique portraits. Jess and Lyle were totally relaxed and calming but also knew when to take charge to make sure things sped along when needed. They lent their creative eyes and expertise to make sure we got what we were looking for. I couldn't be happier with how all our engagement and wedding photos turned out. We got everything we were looking for and then some. Jess and Lyle are truly something special. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.”

— LAYLA & STEVE, August 2014


"From the engagement photos on a beach in Maine to the reception in Cambridge, MA, Jessica and Lyle provided us with photos that represented everything we envisioned for our wedding. Our photos capture the urban feel of our city wedding while still being intimate, telling our personal story and capturing all the love of the day. Unscripted, emotional and unique describe the images they captured.”