FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about wedding photography


why fidelio?

We know there are lots of wedding photographers out there and choosing one can be an overwhelming process. You should look carefully at their portfolio -- look at a full wedding gallery of theirs and fall in love with the style, first and foremost. Do the photos move you? Beyond that it is so important to find photographers that you connect and feel comfortable with, because it's an intimate day filled with emotions that we'll be there for. 

We have been photographing weddings for 12 years now and have worked in every weather/lighting condition imaginable, have been thrown obstacles that we roll with easily and make people feel comfortable. We have been told many times that beyond just being the photographers we also provide a calming, helpful presence throughout the day. One of our greatest strengths is showcasing the beauty and personality of each wedding through the details, moments and portraits we capture. We are confident that our experience combined with the love of what we do and our vision for photos are unique and provide you an amazing (and easy!) experience.


We are photojournalists who document everything as it happens and love to tell stories through our photos. We love the "in between" moments--those candid, unexpected things that only last a second but are special and unique. We also love fashion and beautifully styled weddings -- you can check out our Pinterest boards to see more of what we love and are inspired by! But our style really is about 75% documentary work and 25% natural/beautiful portraits (no awkward jumping in the air, we promise!) and details. And yes we will do family group photos if you want them!

Our goal is to deliver images that evoke the same emotions when you look at them as you felt on the wedding day. Our photos have a bit of a film feel without being overdone so they'll still look classic and beautiful 50 years from now.

WHAT DO YOUR Wedding collections START AT?

Wedding collections start at $4800 for Maine weddings within 2 hours of Portland. We understand that this is a significant investment, however the photos are really the only thing that you have left when the day is over and most of our clients prioritize their photography budget to reflect how important having those moments documented well in their photography budget. Most clients typically spend between $6000-8500 on their collection after albums, engagement photos and other items are added on. We do offer smaller elopement packages and have special pricing for mid-week weddings, please contact us with more information and we'll get a custom quote to you!


Every wedding is different and varies, however we generally average/deliver around 75 photos per hour we shoot. We believe in quality over quantity. All photos are delivered fully edited (in color and black/white) and print ready.


For weddings we strongly encourage one of our custom designed fine art albums. There is no better way to tell the story of the day than an album that you can pass down from generation to generation. Our albums are extremely well-crafted and beautifully made. We also offer a variety of print products, coffee table style albums, gallery canvas wraps and other custom products.

We have never done a photo shoot together and we're nervous, any advice?

We hear this from a lot of couples that we work with and we totally understand! We definitely encourage an engagement shoot if you'd like to get a little practice before the wedding day and feel more comfortable with us around with our cameras. Our style is to put you in beautiful spots or light and then help you relax and get natural, candid moments captured. Some couples we work with love the more posed photos and that's fine, but if you're not comfortable we just try to get you to act like you and capture that. Most people warm up very quickly and have a lot more fun than they thought they would. And on the wedding day for most of the day you're so distracted you won't even know we're there!

Can you recommend other vendors?

We have an awesome network of professionals we've worked with over the years which include wedding planners, florists, stylists, caterers, bands/djs and lots more. Once you have booked us for your wedding we are happy to send you our document filled with resources and references! 

DO YOU USE ASSOCIATES or second shooters?

No, all weddings are shot by the two of us, so you are hiring two professional photographers. We are both equally skilled/experienced and have worked together for the last 12 years. Our style is similar so it never looks like the work of two different photographers, but you get the advantage of two people shooting at different angles and capturing different moments (plus one of each of us to capture you each getting ready before the wedding!)

Can i just hire one of you?

Unfortunately we are a 2-for-1 kind of deal and do not split up for weddings at this time, the only exception being some travel weddings/engagement sessions in other destinations that Jess shoots alone. We are definitely a team and work well together and help and assist each other throughout the day in addition to shooting. Even for smaller weddings and elopements with just a few people clients have been happy to have us both there and appreciate the different angles and moments that we get.


New England has lots of amazing wedding venues and we have worked at many of them in the last 12 years, but every year many places we work will be new to us. This has never been a problem and is a great thing because we are super inspired by new locations. We also arrive early to scout things out, look at the light, etc, so we're fully prepared for the wedding!

should we do a first look?

We get this question a lot and we strongly encourage a first look for many reasons... first: it gives you both a chance to privately see each other and get over your nerves a bit before the ceremony and getting that reaction captured without the pressure of lots of people watching is pretty special. And it will still be special at the ceremony too. Second: it gives you time to do some portraits and family photos before the ceremony which gives you more time later to relax and enjoy cocktail hour and the reception. We can talk you through the process, find a great spot for you to have the first look and work with you on a timeline. If you don't want to do one that's totally fine too, but there are definitely lots of benefits to doing one!

should we do an unplugged ceremony?

Yes, yes, yes! An unplugged ceremony is when you ask your guests to please put away their cell phones (iPads, cameras, etc) during the ceremony and refrain from taking photos during that time. It's ok, they will survive without their devices for awhile ;) This is a great thing to do because it puts the focus on you, your ceremony and the vows that you're taking -- where the focus SHOULD be. We have seen way too many ceremonies where most people are too busy taking photos or looking down at their phones and not present with you during this time. They are welcome to take photos the rest of the day but it's so much better when the photos we get are of everyone actually paying attention to you and not holding their cell phone up to take photos. :) There are lots of inspiration signs and wording for programs on Pinterest to relay your message to your guests (we've found that a sign and having the officiant make an announcement work best) and reassure them that you will share our photos with them and we've got it all covered.


We're excited you'd like to work with us! We encourage you to fill out our contact form and give us as much information as possible and we will get back to you within 24 hours with our availability/information. We are always up for an in person or phone conversation too and like to make sure we are all a good fit for one another. When you're ready to book we send over an online contract and invoice for non-refundable retainer payment and when we receive both of those things we are booked for your date. Please note that no dates will be held without the contract/payment and dates are first come/first served. 


We can be as involved, or not, as you need us to be. We are happy to give suggestions on the timeline of the day to help you figure out when the best light will be for photos, recommend vendors we love and provide any other advice or support you need. We have lots of great resources and also love helping you figure out what would work best from a photographer's standpoint. We are available via e-mail any time for questions!


This varies a bit based on the time of year (with Aug-Dec being our busiest months), but generally we average around 6-8 weeks for weddings. We spend lots of time on each photo, getting the colors perfect and making them all look amazing and ready to print.

WHAT HAPPENS IF an emergency happens to you ON OUR WEDDING DAY?

We take what we do extremely seriously and in 13 years we have never missed a single wedding, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances do happen in life. We have a network of incredibly talented photographers throughout New England that we can call on if we ever need a backup to step in.


We have backup equipment for everything we own (camera bodies, flashes, memory cards, lenses, etc) and we are insured. 


Yes! We love to travel and are especially interested in traveling sessions with couples for engagement/elopements in unique destinations during the Maine off-season when things are slower here (Nov-Apr). We also travel quite a bit throughout the year and will waive any travel fees if we'll be in your area! We are usually in CA for at least a week or two every spring and fall as other locations. Please contact us for travel availability and pricing.

Have other questions we haven't answered? Feel free to get in touch!