Steve and Leslie's Trash the Dress | Maine Wedding Photographers

First of all, we love these two! :) We totally clicked with them at their engagement session and it felt more like we were hanging out with friends on their wedding day. We are doing things a little backwards because I haven't posted photos from their amazing wedding yet, but I was finishing up editing these for them from the Trash the Dress/Day After session and had so many I wanted to share asap.

Steve and Leslie are so fun, and we were psyched to spend a fun day shooting with them at a location that will remain a secret... let's just say that it involved a tiny bit of trespassing and me getting an old man's home phone number on a wooden nickel. Ha! Good times. :)

Leslie didn't want to trash her dress so we were fairly tame with this shoot... and had a gorgeous fall day with great light and leaves to play with...

bride portrait

The trailer with the Elvis statue head was pretty much the best find EVER!

couple in old rv
autumn wedding
couple portrait
engagement photo

Stay tuned for Steve and Leslie's blog from their wedding day at the Dockside in York Harbor (which included fake mustaches for all--love it!) Thanks S&L, we had a great time at dinner last night! :)