Ready to Rock 2009 Weddings

Hello friends! As I mentioned in my last post I have been sick ever since I returned from Indiana with various things--it just would not go away... yesterday was the final straw and I broke down and went to the doctor and have a sinus/ear infection... So I finally have antibiotics and should be good in a few days. I have tons of print orders to mail as well as emails to respond to, etc and I will get to it soon. It's hard sometimes when we handle all the business/marketing/graphic aspects of our business ourselves, as well as shooting! (But we aren't complaining because we love it and love our clients) :) We are over winter and sooo ready to rock 2009... we are newly inspired, ready to get some new equipment, continuing our education and learning more about lighting, etc and SO ready to experiment and bring back some of our signature dramatic/evocative style to the images we create. We are ready to take our work to a whole new level this year. Our portrait business has also exploded too and we will be shooting other work (newborns, kids, maternity, family, seniors) throughout the week. We are just going a little stir crazy working inside (or being ill, in my case) and ready to get out and shoot!

I was talking with a client via email today about how I secretly kind of want to style weddings... I can't dress myself to save my life, but somehow I am pretty good at styling for our fashion shoots. I thought I would share some of my favorite links/resources for our brides and others that come across our site as you plan your wedding... paying attention to the little details can really make a difference in your photos. Plus we love anything different/unusual/unique :)

  • Design Sponge is one of my favorite blogs on the net.  I am obsessed with checking it daily for ideas/inspiration for my house. She had a great post about a wedding in Ohio recently--LOVE that they used a typewriter for notes.
  • Wedding Bee is a great site with TONS of ideas and resources for brides
  • Etsy is another one of my favorite sites EVER. I am actually banned by Lyle from going there for a few weeks since I ordered so much art for my office wall a few weeks ago (pics coming!). Anyway you can find really cool, unique, homemade things there and supporting indie artists is always awesome. A few of my favorites at the moment: birdcage veils (I am obsessed with these. Pleeeeaasseee one of my 2009 brides wear one and do a vintage inspired wedding ;) ), peacock feathers (these would be awesome with funky shoes!),wedding toppers and letterpress thank you cards.
  • Offbeat Bride is awesome as well--definitely for brides who are planning something completely unique for their wedding (circus theme!!! ;) )
  • Hostess with the Mostess - a new find through my friend Brooke, I love this site and some of the ideas I've seen on it. It's not just for weddings either, but all types of parties. Love this damask/vintage inspired bridal shower. It is no surprise to me that it was a photographer's bridal shower because the details are gorgeous!

I will try to post more links soon! :) I am still crossing my fingers that we get a circus theme wedding or something else like that this year. ;)