News + Baby M @ 6 months

We have some awesome things coming late this week including our NEW weddings website and a new portraits website... both of which have been in the works for quite some time and we have gone through two years of shoots and hundreds of images we love to find the best for our sites.... so that is pretty exciting! Friday was my birthday (!) and I spent the morning with Miles and Miranda and Baby M shooting his 6 month portraits. He is getting so big and expressive (loves sticking his tongue out!)... We tried to hit the beach first but he really wasn't a fan of the sand and bright sun at all--maybe we'll go there for his 9 month portraits. We did some urban shots which were super fun, although I did learn that 6 month olds really like to pick up random things from the ground and try to attempt to eat them, even rocks and glass... no babies were harmed in the making of these photographs :)


You can see Baby M's newborn and three month photos earlier in the blog. I have been following them since Miranda was pregnant and they love seeing how he is growing and changing, captured in creative ways. At the end of the year we'll be putting an album and slideshow with photos from all of the shoots. If you are interested in doing the same please get in touch with me for information!

Coming soon: engagement shoots--and lots of them! ;)