Luke & Marion - Photo Session

We met Luke and Marion in early 2007, very soon after we had moved to Maine, to discuss their September 2007 wedding. We all hit it off immediately and a quick meeting to discuss their wedding turned into drinks and conversation late into the evening. They were actually some of the first friends we had in Maine. Their wedding was great, we shot several other times after that and then started meeting often for dinners and hanging out. They are SO much fun and it's really rare to meet people you connect with like that as an adult (especially when you don't work in a real office!). And we feel so lucky when we have clients that we hit it off with like that. Luke and Marion are moving to Maryland (today, actually!) and even though we are sad to see them go they are taking advantage of new opportunities there and are excited to live in a new area... Actually we think that secretly they just think that Maryland crabcakes are better than Maine's. ;)

Here are some of the shots we took as part of an anniversary/goodbye shoot... M&L we will miss you!

couple photography
Engagement Photography
couple in mirror