Kelly & Matthew and some updates...

I did photos of Kelly and Matthew last year and have done some headshots and other work of Kelly (stunning!)... we talked about how they never got a lot of photos on their wedding day (which was in DC) because it rained... so Kelly got her dress out and we found a few ways to use it creatively. ;) I LOVE it when brides choose to use their dress in a creative or fun way after the wedding and I have some amazing ideas for future shoots (so all you brides out there get in touch ;) ).

bridal fashion

Anyone who has looked at my early work with models (from over 2 years ago) knows I love furniture in random places... this little couch has been sitting in my office just dying for a photo shoot for a year now. I really wanted to take it to the beach, but at the same time I didn't want to completely trash it, so we used it in a different way. :)

We also did some hot couples photos--something else that I have done a few times with a few couples we've worked with and love it... I love the intensity of the moments and capturing the chemistry between two people. These are the kinds of photos I think couples will love to look back on someday!

We have been INSANELY busy and it's only going to get crazier in the next few weeks as we have shoots (engagement, boudoir, fashion) every day this week and weddings almost every weekend. When we haven't been shooting we've been spending huge amounts of time editing and fulfilling print orders. The fun never ends! ;) Last weekend I shot photos at the Old Port Festival of one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Matt Nathanson, and some are now up on the website of the radio station that sponsored the event--they are an awesome station and the show was so great!

We have a preview of Jen and Amory's wedding coming soon as well as shots from the many engagement sessions we've done. We have started booking for 2009 and dates in June-August are going incredibly fast. Please contact us for pricing if you are interested--for the work that we do and the fact that we are TWO professional photographers that cover your day, we are very reasonably priced. :)

We are currently planning on spending a good part of January 2009 in southern California and are now booking weddings, fashion shoots, engagement shoots, whatever (anything!!) for that time. Please contact us if you need our rates and to set a date with us. We will be posting details of the trip and our plans in the coming months.

Next week the blog gets a new look and the new portfolio area launches! Stay tuned!