just a few updates - Wedding Photos!

A few random notes: -YES we have wedding photos coming. :) We had an amazing July wedding that we have been editing and it has been nearly impossible to select favorites, so prepare to be overwhelmed with a huge wedding post later this weekend. Their wedding was at our new favorite location for weddings in Maine (Gilsland Farms), where we have shot two so far this summer and hope for many more! So look for that blog (and other weddings too) coming soon...

-We are already almost completely booked for June 2009 so I would definitely encourage anyone interested in our services to consider booking in advance. Our rates will also go up this fall, and we have some changes coming to our wedding packages as well (all good things!!).

-We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this past Monday. ;)

-This fall is going to be VERY busy for us as senior photos are in full swing, as well as lots of family and kid shoots, maternity and more. If you are interested in a session I would highly encourage you to book with us asap, especially because our weekend availability is so limited.

-We have some exciting changes coming to our logo, branding and website(s) this fall!

-One of my images from Becca and Jon's recent e-session was featured on Becker's b school blog! The image was entered in a contest with a backlighting theme for a wedding forum I'm in and was one of 4 images selected by Becker as a finalist. He is a highly respected and admired photographer in the wedding world so it was exciting to be chosen.

-Darbi, a wedding photographer in a photography forum I am a member of was recently married and is also a photographer. She has a fantastic post on her blog about having a photographic wedding (and the photos from her wedding are gorgeous). If you are planning your wedding I would highly encourage you to check all of her great advice out. We are actually currently working on guidelines and tips for our clients.

So we are headed to Boston for a wedding this Saturday which will be our first there and we are super excited about it... the reception is at the Museum of Science--how cool! Not so excited about the prospect of getting lost in Boston however, but we have learned our lesson and will not be led astray by certain map sites... not naming any names but it might rhyme with snap fest. :)

More soon! jess & lyle