Day After Sessions: Pat & Cassie

We have Pat and Cassie's wedding blog coming next week, but I wanted to post a few of these from a session we did with them last week and talk a bit about Day After Session (aka Trash the Dress). One of our absolute favorite things to do is make art for the bride and groom. Typically there is not a ton of time on the wedding day for these shots, or to go to several different locations, so some couples decide to do them after the wedding. Pat and Cassie gave us total artistic freedom to do whatever we wanted, wherever we wanted. We had an awesome time with them and in under 2 hours took some amazing images that will be great additions to their wedding album, or as a huge canvas on their wall, or however they want to use them. I am going to post just a few below, but have more coming in their wedding blog.

maine wedding photographers

Thanks you two, we had so much fun with you as usual! :)

If you are interested in one of these shoots we are running a special deal on them through the end of the year, and Sept/Oct is a GREAT time to do them with the weather/light/leaves... If you willing to get your dress a little (or a lot) dirty, it's a great opportunity to use it one more time before it sits in your closet.... and we come up with original, unique ideas and locations for all of these shoots!

We are off to York tomorrow for Steve and Leslie's wedding, but I have more wedding blogs coming later in the week. And I am shooting a BIRTH for a client this week... in the next few days, actually. I am super excited to experience that (my first!). :)