lyle & jess

We met in New York City in 1999 and eloped August 11, 2000 on the top of the World Trade Center in NYC. Our shared love of photography (Jessica's degree is in Photojournalism from Ball State University and Lyle had been shooting film most of his life) was one of the things that drew us to each other when we first met.

We started Fidelio Photography together in 2005 and the name Fidelio comes from Beethoven's first and only opera and we thought it sounded cool and unique (and incorporated our love of music too). 

When we're not shooting we both enjoy traveling, working on our house (built in 1874!), watching shows like Stranger Things, and are also crazy cat people with 4 cats (don't worry, we like dog people too!). We love living in Portland and being so close to the ocean and surrounded by so many other artists and small businesses. 

Random facts about Jess: grew up in Indianapolis and moved to NYC after college, loves vintage and mid-century furniture (and can be found frequently at Portland's Flea for All looking for antiques!), plays guitar/piano/sings, has a love/hate relationship with spinning, addicted to iced tea, loves the desert and the ocean.

Random facts about Lyle: grew up in NYC, plays bass and guitar, loves escaping to the woods to hike and photograph nature, coffee connoisseur.

You can view our personal portfolios at and

We'd love to know more about you, your story and what we might be able to photograph for you. Shoot us an email to talk more or we can schedule a meeting and have coffee or a drink together.